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Hey there, I'm Jae, I run this website as well as all of those public instances:

  • Piped - yt.jae.fi
  • Nitter - twitter.jae.su
  • LibReddit - rd.jae.su
  • Reddit Search - reddit.jae.su
  • PrivateBin - bin.jae.fi
  • Keyoxide - keys.jae.fi
  • ProxiTok - tok.jae.fi
  • SearXNG - search.jae.fi
  • Wikiless - wiki.jae.fi
  • Rimgo - imgur.jae.fi
  • Excalidraw - draw.jae.fi
  • Hydrogen - hydrogen.jae.fi
  • SimplyTranslate - translate.jae.fi

I recently got laid off my old job due to company financial problems and I am sadly (already) starting to run out of money that is to pay rent, servers and food.

Altogether, everything costs around 210€ a month to run, spread across raw server costs, routers, storage, IP prefixes and traffic.

I hate having to ask this but right now I'm really stuck so I would like to ask people that can donate for financial support to at least keep those services afloat in this harsh period.

I setup a LiberaPay profile so people that can and want can help me pay for all of this. This profile will be withdrawn at the first second I have a more stable situation (estimated around three months).

I can't stress enough that I'm sorry about having to ask this from the community. I stay available at @me:jae.fi on Matrix and me@jae.fi via email.

Thanks for understanding.

Server costs (incl. LiberaPay recur):

  • August: reached THANKS!
  • September: reached THANKS!
  • November: reached THANKS!

Current weekly pace reaches all goals, thanks, I will deactivate the LiberaPay profile at the end of the situation :D

If any surplus, it will be directed into expanding the current services.

A MASSIVE thanks to

  • One anonymous patron giving 23.07EUR a week
  • ~1794837 giving 0.25EUR a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 11.32EUR a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 0.19EUR a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 87EUR once (outside sources)
  • ~1594238 giving 0.01USD a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 5.76USD a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 138.46CZK a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 11.53EUR a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 11.53USD a week
  • Java giving 3.46€ a week
  • One anonymous patron giving 0.01EUR a week